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About us

The company of Jardin Riviera is run by René & Viktoria Esenmyr and we have a background in horticulture and greenhouse industry as well as garden design and construction. For 20 years we have been running a large Mediterranean-style park garden of 2 hectares including bamboo plantations, nature pool, pond and advanced irrigation systems.

We improve the soil by working with organic materials and Zero Waste. Zero Waste means that we capture and recycle any plant material that is left over by cutting or chipping it down. The material can then be used as soil amendment or ground cover, which is a great way to lower soil temperatures and prevent evaporation. In addition, the material does not need to be transported away.

A symbiosis between plants and insects is our goal for a vibrant and resilient garden.

We use battery-powered machines, which means it is both quieter and also better for the environment.

We start from St Paul de Vence and work in an area of about 40 km around.

If this sounds interesting to you, just get in touch.