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Jardin Riviera

At Jardin Riviera, we offer hassle-free maintenance of your garden all year round or when you are unable to care for it yourself.

With a long background in greenhouse horticulture, garden design and construction as well as garden maintenance, we have the knowledge to help you get the best out of your garden in a sustainable way.

We work extensively with environmental thinking and water saving measures which will be, and more importantly will need to be, an important part of all gardening in the future.

By optimising the use of water, plants are able to withstand longer drying periods.

Gentle gardening makes a garden more resistant to plant diseases and increases garden diversity.

We use battery-powered machines, which means that the work is carried out quietly and without exhaust fumes.

We simply make sure that your garden and house are taken care of in the best possible way!

Our philosophy

We strive to create gardens that contribute to the cycle. By avoiding chemicals…


Gardens in the south of France are both intensely hot and occasionally exposed to…

Our services

We can help with the ongoing maintenance of your garden or or if you need our service on…